August 6th, 2018

Morning Brew's Vegan Options - Kaka’ako

After multiple brunches and lunches throughout Honolulu, I found that the best time to sit and relax for a pit stop at a restaurant would be around 1pm - 3pm (if the restaurant is open, many still close at 2:00pm to prepare for their dinner rush). Today, I took a trip around town with “Two Vegans and a Sweet Tooth”... (gosh, the name sounds like a Food Network food tour). Actually, it was just me and two of my friends (one who IS Vegan and one who PREFERS to eat Vegan if good choices are available).  

Now, finding restaurants that serve VEGAN options in Honolulu isn’t that uncommon, but finding restaurants that serve “creative possibilities” other than just steamed veggies and salads may be a bit more challenging. 

What Better Place Than Kaka’ako

When taking an adventure to eat in Honolulu, I’m very conscious about location, otherwise you could end up paying more for parking than you would for lunch itself. We found our way to Salt at Our Kaka’ako (691 Auahi St. Honolulu, Hi 96813). What better place to look for a restaurant with unique vegan options than a thriving location that prides itself on the entrepreneurial spirit, diversity amongst it’s tenants, and to top it off... metered street parking & validated garage parking! 

What’s Brewing At Morning Brew Kaka’ako

From time to time, I have cravings that get out of control. You would think I was pregnant (if that wasn’t genderly impossible). Regardless of what it is, I could eat it all day, everyday! Just recently, I started craving CHIA PUDDING! I called a multitude of places and visited a few restaurants, but either no one had it, or it wasn’t prepared very well. That was until I came to MORNING BREW KAKA’AKO

The CHIA PUDDING WITH FRESH FRUIT is my absolute favorite. Morning Brew Kaka’ako uses almond milk as their cream with fresh fruits like strawberries and blueberries to compliment the crunchy granola. This is definitely a great dish to start with! 

Bring On The Vegan Meals 

This MEXICAN BOWL is seasoned just right and filled with brown rice, black beans, grilled onions, cherry tomatoes, olives, spinach and salsa. A perfect dish for one or even better to utilize as a ‘SHARE’ plate with friends.   

This TOFU & VEGGIE SCRAMBLE is a favorite with my friend who eats vegan. Each time she visits, this dish is always at the tip of her tongue when standing in line to order. The right amount of spice is used in the scramble and the tofu is a fantastic source of alternate protein. 

Finally, and certainly not least is the VEGAN BANANA PANCAKE! To be completely honest, I could eat this for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It’s two large VEGAN BANANA flapjacks served up with fresh fruits (don’t mind the avocado...we ordered it on the side). It’s dense, but not too dense. The sweetness of the banana inside allows me to eat it without the syrup, but everyone has their own preference! I’m still just impressed with the flavor! 

My Final Thoughts

It’s fantastic to see more and more places offering VEGAN options to their already tasty menu. MORNING BREW KAKA’AKO (and Kailua) have definitely reached out to create a variety of inventive dishes other than the standard salads and steamed veggies. CLICK HERE to see more of the MORNING BREW menu. Take a look for yourself to see what gets you salivating!