May 23rd, 2018

Picky Eater Owned and Operated, Presenting Jar’d

For on-the-go picky eaters, Jar’d is a game changer. Beautiful salads and vibrant cold pressed juices are articulately prepared and conveniently available at locations throughout O'ahu.

The mastermind behind the jars is fellow picky eater, Michelle Ching, whose lifelong commitment to healthy eating has led her to try a variety of diets – from pescatarian to vegetarian to her current vegan diet. 

While working as an art consultant at Wy’s Gallery in Hale'iwa and driving across the island to now closed Shaka Pressed Juice in Diamond Head, Michelle stumbled upon a post on Pinterest – layered salads in Mason jars. And after seeing cases of glass jars at Walmart, the salad and juice in a jar concept was solidified. 

PHOTO: @jardhawaii

“The idea is meal prep in a Mason jar,” explains Michelle. “For people like me who are always active – going to meetings, driving in the car, working out – Jar’d is a game changer. It’s healthy fast food with organic, locally sourced ingredients.”

Jar’d provides attractive and convenient meal options for both the vegan and the omnivore. The popular Island Infused Parfait layers locally-sourced papaya, granola, honey, and blueberries atop Greek or coconut yogurt. 

PHOTO: @jardhawaii

The Fiesta Salad layers lean organic turkey with sour cream, taco seasoning, black olives, beans, cheddar cheese, and lettuce; the vegan option has tofu instead of turkey and vegan daiya cheddar cheese. The Specialty Salad provides a huge range of flavor – with romaine lettuce, hard-boiled egg, mandarin oranges, feta cheese, red bell peppers, cucumbers, and walnuts – and satisfies diets that yearn for vegetarian, local, or organic options.

“Jar’d caters to many picky diets,” says Michelle. “We develop relationships with our customers, and because of their feedback, we are happy to now offer new vegan options.”

PHOTO: @jardhawaii

Jar’d juices please diets that are gluten free, low fat, organic, vegan, and vegetarian. Sold for $10, flavors include Sweet Green (kale, celery, cucumber, apple, lemon, ginger), Beet Rising (beets, apples, carrots, cucumber, ginger), and Citrus Sunrise (pineapple, apple, mint).

While $10 may be more than the average smoothie, with careful preparation to ensure the highest nutritional yield, Jar’d juices are well worth the price. Ingredients sourced from local farms, including Mohala Farms and Waihuena Farm on the North Shore of O‘ahu, are bought no sooner than the day before juicing. Produce is meticulously washed in an organic cleaning solution before being hand-cut and juiced in a commercial cold press juicer.

PHOTO: @jardhawaii

“The juices give me the type of energy like from drinking coffee but without the crash,” Michelle explains. “Since we cold press all our juices, all the pure nutrients remain – unlike smoothies where the heat kills some nutrients.”

On any given prep day, the Wellness Shot is always the last to go through the juicer since its bright-yellow locally-sourced turmeric creates quite the cleanup. The Wellness Shot combines the turmeric – which has been said to improve digestion and skin and even prevent arthritis, heart disease and cancer – with ginger, lemon, honey, and cayenne pepper to give the ultimate health boost.

Along with their very popular Almond Milk (almonds, filtered water, cinnamon, vanilla bean, dates, sea salt), which is arduously squeezed by hand through cheese cloth bags, Jar’d has developed a cleanse program. Each day of the cleanse includes six juices designed to realign the digestive system and rid of toxins. Cleanses can be preordered 48 hours in advance on When the order is ready, the juices can be picked up in Waipahu or, with a $50 minimum, delivered anywhere on O‘ahu for $0.50 per mile from Waipahu.

PHOTO: @jardhawaii

There are many convenient, ever-expanding options to get your Jar’d fix.

Jar’d salads and juices can be found at two local farmers markets:

  • Pearlridge Farmers Market, Saturdays from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m.
  • Kailua Town Farmers Market, Sundays from 8:30 a.m. to 12 p.m. at Kailua Elementary

Jar’d juices can be found around O‘ahu at three retail locations:

  • Red Barn Farmstand in Haleiwa
  • The Sunrise Shack in Haleiwa across from Sunset Beach
  • HI Cravings in Waipahu

PHOTO: @jardhawaii

Not only is Jar’d great for on-the-go picky eaters, but its iconic glass jars are reusable, recyclable, and BPA-free. 

“We will never use plastic,” says Michelle. “Glass is much less permeable than plastic and doesn’t allow bacteria or unwanted flavors to seep in.”

If the multipurpose jars are not being reused, Jar’d will accept returned jars at any of the farmers markets or retail locations – and will even give $0.50 for every jar returned to the Saturday Pearlridge Farmers Market. 

PHOTO: @jardhawaii

Created by a picky eater for picky eaters, Jar’d meticulously sources and prepares their beautiful, environmentally conscientious jars filled with healthy nutrition. “If you want pure, organic, local products, visit us at our retail locations, farmers markets, or make an order for delivery,” says Michelle.