June 6th, 2018

Sharing Sweet Potato Love

Rich, full-flavored and purple or creamy, naturally-sweet and golden – it is easy to fall in love with Hawaiian sweet potatoes. Hawaiian Sweet Potato Factory in Honolulu shares their love of sweet potatoes, offering a variety of sweet potato infused, delicious menu items fit for all types of picky eaters.

The Okinawan, purple Beni Aloha potatoes are cultivated in the rich volcanic soils of Hilo on the Big Island, and the golden Haleiwa Kintoki sweet potatoes are grown on the North Shore of Oahu. After harvesting, the locally sourced sweet potatoes are then aged in Hawaiian Sweet Potato Factory’s special cellar to achieve the perfect Brix (sugar) level – creating an even sweeter sweet potato.

The carefully curated sweet potatoes are then combined with other locally sourced ingredients, like asparagus, mushrooms, tomatoes, sprouts, and romaine lettuce, to make photo-friendly, delicious sandwiches with sweet potato bread. The Avocado and Veggie Sandwich offers a delicious vegetarian option.

The Hawaiian Sweet Potato Factory also blends local ingredients to create refreshing boba drinks. The Sunshine Yellow (yellow peppers, lemon, pineapple, and mango) and Clean Green (kale, bananas, apple, lemon) quench the thirst of dairy free, gluten free, low fat, vegetarian, and vegan picky eaters.

“Our sandwiches and drinks are made to order so if there's something you like (or don't like) we are usually able to accommodate,” says Communications Director Junior Case. “We are also currently working on new menu items to accommodate even more picky eaters.”

If you are near Ala Moana Center and need a snack, Hawaiian Sweet Potato Factory’s sweet potatoes can be individually bought. Try the sweet potato fries for a salty, fresh, vegan-friendly snack. The Rainbow Salad is another quick vegan option, layering bright veggies in a to-go cup.

Sweet potato inspired sweets are sold as delicious desserts. The popular Poni Scone combines sweet potatoes with blueberries and cream cheese. The Aloha Pie layers locally sourced pineapple with sweet potatoes for a tasty treat.

From specially sourced local sweet potatoes to sandwiches, drinks, and desserts, Hawaiian Sweet Potato Factory is sharing their passion and love for sweet potatoes with the world – while supporting local farmers and providing fresh, local ingredients to consumers.

“It is our hope to bring happiness to people's hearts, bodies, and taste buds with the naturally healthy sweet potato,” says Case.